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Dry skin in children

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Dry skin in children can often be a recurring problem. How to keep it moisturized and soft during colder seasons? We list some tips to help your child keep their skin soft, hydrated and cared for all winter long.

1. Lubricate some time before you go out
Feel free to lubricate the skin some time before the child goes out, not just before. The moisture can cool the baby's skin and removes the protective fat layer in the skin.

2. The right ingredients
In cooler times, the right ingredients can be the key to the skin not being as exposed to wind, wind and snow. A good ingredient that acts as a natural protective barrier is, for example, oats. It helps the skin repel external stresses. A product enriched with oat oil is, among other things, our skin cream for children, ARC Baby & Child Ultimate Cream .

3. Dry with oil
In colder times, the children's noses often run. Take a few drops of baby oil on the soft paper when you wipe under the nose and the skin will be taken care of at the same time. Our ARC Baby & Child Baby Oil contains 100% natural ingredients that take care of your child's skin in a natural and nurturing way.

4. Use baby oil
Bathe and cleanse with an oil that softens the skin and keeps it hydrated. It is not necessary for babies to bathe every day as water can dry out the skin, but you can lubricate the baby's skin every day with our oil to soften.