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Skin care in the summer - this is how you protect and care for your children's skin in the summer

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Summer is a wonderful time when we can enjoy the sun and the heat, but it is also especially important to think about the children's sensitive skin. Their skin barrier is thinner than adults and is therefore also more easily affected by substances or environments that can cause irritation on the skin. Especially during the summer, the skin is exposed to both heat, sun rays and salty baths. So how can we best take care of the children's skin during the summer?

Shade - the very best way to protect the little ones. Look for shady areas on the beach and in the park where your child can play and relax without being directly exposed to the sun. Shade acts as a natural protection and reduces the risk of sun damage. However, it is important to always apply sunscreen to your child regardless of whether they are in the shade or in direct sunlight to avoid sun damage.

High SPF - always use the highest possible SPF for children, regardless of whether they are in the shade or in direct sunlight.

All-over garments - choose airy garments with long sleeves and legs in natural materials such as organic cotton or linen. These materials allow air circulation and help keep the child cool while providing some protection from the sun's rays. Also, make sure that the clothes are loose and not too tight, as this can cause irritation on the sensitive skin.

Avoid the sun in the middle of the day - and feel free to stay inside during the hours around lunch when the sun is at its highest. The sun is most intense in the middle of the day, so try to plan outdoor activities in the morning and late afternoon.

Lots of fluids - not only for the sake of the skin but also to avoid dehydration and the symptoms that come with it. Keeping a good fluid balance in children is important to take care of their skin during the summer. Give them enough fluids by breastfeeding or bottle feeding them regularly if they are infants. For older children, you can offer water or natural fruit juices. Drinking enough fluids helps maintain skin elasticity and freshness.

After salty baths, many hours outside, it is important to moisturize the skin. Both to care for and soften it but also to protect the skin. Start by cleansing the skin and then lubricate it with moisturizing natural skin cream or baby oil. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera and oats can be soothing and moisturizing for baby's skin. These ingredients are in our products to care for your child's skin in the best way.

If you want even more tips on how to care for your baby's skin every day all year round, you can read this post: How to care for your baby's skin - care for and keep it soft and baby-like.