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Take care of your child's hair and scalp - when you start washing your child's hair for the first time

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Some babies are born with a lot of hair and some with less. The hair on the head at birth is often soft and thin. The thin, soft and fine hair usually falls out after birth and is gradually replaced during the baby's first months of life with new hair. It's not just the hair that we have to take care of, but also your baby's and children's sensitive scalp. We recommend that you do this with mild, gentle and organic products that both clean and care for your baby's hair and scalp. A children's shampoo developed especially for them. Here are tips for you who are going to wash your baby's hair and how you can take care of it in the future on your child.

Hair care for babies and children

The importance of choosing the right hair care products for your baby and child is just as important as choosing the right skin care products. It's not just your child's hair that you have to take care of, but also their scalp, which, like the rest of your child's skin, is much more sensitive than an adult's skin. For the first 5-6 months, babies do not need any direct hair washing with shampooing, as the hair does not usually become greasy or sticky from, for example, food. Then lukewarm water is enough to clean the hair. At about 6 months, they start to become a little more active in movement and when tasting food is introduced, it may start to be necessary. Washing your hair with a mild shampoo once a week is usually enough, but of course you can wash your hair more often if necessary. In order for the hair wash to be as gentle and caring as it is cleansing , you can use our organic children's shampoo . With its natural and organic ingredients such as aloe vera and oat extract , it cleans your child's hair and at the same time nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the scalp.

Wash children's hair - this is how you do it

1. Start by wetting the hair, either by using a smaller jug ​​and gently pour onto your child's hair. You can also use the shower hose.

2. Apply a mild and caring shampoo for children and massage into the scalp.

3. Carefully rinse off the shampoo, either with a small jug or shower hose.

By using our organic children's shampoo, which is specially developed for babies and children's extra sensitive skin, you can be sure that the hair and scalp are properly cared for. We do this with natural ingredients that provide nourishment and create good skin health.

TIP! To make hair washing easier and more fun, you can make fun hairstyles together with the foam from the shampoo.

Getting shampoo in your eyes? Many children dislike washing their hair because of the risk of getting water and shampoo in their eyes, but to avoid this, we have some tips for you for an easier and more enjoyable hair wash.

1. Bathe/shower with swimming goggles. We promise it will make both hair washing and bath time more fun!

2. Looking up at the ceiling while having someone rinse out usually helps

3. If it's too big a step to start shampooing the whole hair, start with the ends, then you can take it gradually from there so that the habit of using hair wash is established

4. Hold a small towel over your eyes to prevent water from running directly down your face and eyes

5. Let the child try shampooing and rinsing themselves when they have learned to handle a shower hose. Or why not try washing your hair to practice?