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Yoga with children

Kvinna i yogaposition

We have interviewed Sheila Arnell from About Yoga regarding yoga with children. Sheila Arnell is herself a mother of two and has practiced yoga for a little more than 7 years. In order to increase presence together with one's children and get an increased well-being, yoga can be a good supplement in everyday life. It's not about having to do the right exercises, doing it x number of times a week, but when you feel like it. It is the most important. Sheila's top tips for doing yoga with her child:

– Try Sago yoga! Tell a short story and at the same time do simple exercises (eg the sun salutation) together, the children usually love it!

- Do it where the children are! It becomes a natural place for your child to participate and you can do it together.

- The lion's roar! By allowing the child to breathe in, breathe out with a roar, many tensions can be released. and it's fun too!

You can find the entire interview here: