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Vegan, organic skincare for babies and children. Made in Sweden.

Absolute Reliable Cosmetics – a new generation of skincare for babies and children

We offer innovative and reliable skincare products with a sustainable strategy in development and production. It's simply about offering the best in skincare for you and your child. That's why we develop all products from scratch and only choose scientifically proven ingredients that can actively improve skin health. Should an ingredient not meet our tough requirements, it will be removed. All development and production takes place in Sweden, which gives us good insight into the entire production chain.

Are all skin care products developed in Sweden?
Our skin care products are both developed and manufactured in Sweden. This means that we can produce skin care products that are adapted to specific needs and that maintain high quality. We also get transparency in production, short transports and can guarantee good working conditions.

Are the products environmentally friendly?
We develop and manufacture all products using environmentally friendly technology. The factory is environmentally certified through ISO 14001 and ECOCERT as well as through ISO 9001, which is the management standard for quality processes.

By making our skincare products from scratch, we can control all ingredients. We only use proven ingredients that can actively improve skin health. This means that we have deliberately selected ingredients that do not meet our requirements. Please read more about each ingredient and its function in our ingredient dictionary.

Our skincare products are free from:
Animal origin
Mineral oils
Synthetic Emulsifiers
Synthetic dyes

Is all packaging sustainable?
For us, it is important to make sustainable choices and at the same time meet the requirements for quality, safety and functionality. Our packaging is made from sugarcane (biopolymer/green PE), which is a natural and renewable material. Better for us, better for the environment.

The ARC Baby & Child Baby Oil bottle is made of PET because oil can react with green PE. We are doing tests to be able to change this packaging to a sugarcane-based bottle as well and this will be done as soon as the tests are finished and we can ensure that it meets our requirements for quality, safety and functionality.

What does vegan mean?
That there are no ingredients in the product or in the production that come from animal origin. For us, it is a matter of course that good skin care should not contain such ingredients. We love animals, but not in our products. Therefore, our production and our products are completely free of ingredients and additives of animal origin.

What does cruelty free mean?
This means that the skin care product is not tested on animals. There must also be no animal testing in production. ARC is a cruelty free brand . None of our products are tested on animals, nor do we test on animals in production.

What does organic certified ingredients mean?
That all organic ingredients comply with the requirements set by ECOCERT . We believe in natural skincare for better skin health. Therefore, our skin care products are as far as possible organically grown, ECOCERT certified and of natural origin.

What does dermatologically tested mean?
That a product is dermatologically tested means that it has been tested on humans under the supervision of a dermatologist (dermatologist). All our products are dermatologically tested with very good results.

We currently have three different shipping options:

Budbee Box is a 100% fossil-free and smart delivery service where we deliver your package to a box near you. You choose the box that suits you best and easily retrieve the package with a code.

Budbee Hemdeleverans is as far as possible fossil-free all the way to your door.

Postnord delivers your package to an agent to be picked up by you.

For us, it is important to offer you different shipping options, but that they are as green as possible. Our goal is to be at the forefront of offering the most sustainable shipping option for you that has the smallest possible environmental impact.

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