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This is how you can care for your baby's skin - care for and keep it soft and baby-like

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There are a large number of products to choose from when it comes to skin care for adults. Products for dry skin, products for sensitive skin, products for oily skin, etc. But what really applies when it comes to children? Do babies and children really need products specifically developed for them? Yes, it actually is! Babies and children's skin is up to 4 times thinner and thus more sensitive. Substances that come into contact with babies' skin are absorbed and penetrate more easily and deeper into the skin. Therefore, the importance of choosing the right skin care products of high quality is important for your child's skin to receive the care and attention it needs. As in all our products, we skip questionable chemicals and use natural and sustainable ingredients taken from nature. Below you will find tips on how to take care of your baby's and children's skin in a natural way.

Cleaning - wash your baby's and children's skin
As mentioned, babies' skin is thinner, more sensitive and often drier , which can cause irritation. Choosing gentle products that are suitable for your baby's skin is therefore important. Newborn babies usually do not need any product when they are washed, but lukewarm water is often enough. After a few weeks, you can introduce a baby oil to the washing routine. Our organic baby oil contains a mixture of oat oil, coconut oil and thistle oil to soften, care for and moisturize your baby's thin and extra sensitive skin in the best way.

When your baby is a few months old, you can also introduce a mild soap that cleans and at the same time moisturizes and softens the baby's skin without drying it out. A drop or two of organic soap on a soft washcloth goes a long way in cleaning. After washing, it is good if you bathe the skin with a soft towel to dry it. Our organic baby soap contains organic aloe vera which moisturizes and soothes the skin . If necessary, it can be used every day without drying out the skin thanks to its natural and mild ingredients.

TIP! Our organic baby oil can be used both in the bath (washing with baby oil), directly on the skin, when cleaning nappy changes and for baby massage. A truly multifunctional superhero to have in the family bathroom.

Moisturize the baby's skin after bathing
After the baby's skin is clean and dry, it is important to moisturize and soften it. Sensitive skin needs gentle products and regular hydration. This also applies to baby and children's skin. Prevent dry and irritated skin in children by applying a softening cream. Preferably to the advantage that it can be used both on the body and face, so you avoid several different creams. Our organic skin cream can be used immediately after bathing on dry skin or on areas where your child needs a little extra hydration. It contains organic cocoa butter, oat oil and coconut oil that help the skin maintain its moisture balance .


During the winter months, the skin can become extra dry and exposed to the elements. Oat oil, found among other things in our ARC Baby & Child Ultimate Cream, is a fantastic ingredient that acts as a protective barrier on your child's skin, and can thus withstand weather, wind and cold.

Skin care without compromise - everything to provide the best for your child's skin
When we develop our products from scratch, we focus on creating good skin health for the little ones. Therefore, we have chosen not to compromise on anything, this applies from the choice of raw material to the final packaging. Ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, synthetic dyes, GMOs, talc and microplastics do not belong in skin care for children, and therefore we have removed them. To take care of your child's skin, we source our ingredients from nature with a focus on promoting good skin health. With ARC Of SWEDEN 's products, we make it easier for you as a parent to make a good and conscious choice when it comes to skin care for your baby and child.