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Reduce your waste with sustainable skin care

ARC Of SWEDEN hudvård baby barn

Reusable coffee mug, glass lunch box or paper straw. There are many options to choose from to go non-disposable and you probably own one of them. But what does it look like when it comes to your skin care? Here are some tips for you who want to reduce your waste with sustainable skin care.

1. Sustainable packaging
Using the resources that nature has allows it to return to nature. Choose packaging that comes from nature and is renewable. Sugarcane and glass packaging can be recycled and reused again. ARC Of SWEDEN's packaging is made from renewable raw materials precisely because the raw material is taken from nature and can be reused again and again.

It can also be good to check if companies deliver customer orders with cardboard - and paper packaging that can be easily recycled.

2. Choose sustainable ingredients
Check the ingredients list and look for natural and organic ingredients. With us you will find, for example, Aloe Vera juice in our ARC Child Bubble Bath, which helps the skin to moisturize and soothe. On all our products it is stated how large a proportion of the total product is of natural and organic origin.

3. Change your skin care routine
You may have a product that can be used for more areas, for example ARC Baby & Child Baby Oil . It is excellent for cleaning in the bath and shower, moisturizing directly on the skin and as a massage oil.

4. What is most important to you?
Determine your intention before purchasing a new skin care product. Ask yourself the question; What is important to me when I buy this new product? That it is of natural origin? That it has sustainable packaging? That it is made in Sweden? Ethically produced? The more questions you can answer, the easier it can be to choose the right one and not buy more products that will not be used.

5. Say NO to disposable packaging
Perhaps the easiest step to start with, stop using products with single-use packaging.