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The skin during pregnancy - how to take care of the skin and what you should avoid

Huden under graviditet - så tar du hand om huden och vad du bör undvika
The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Hormones skyrocket and changes can also occur in the skin. Some get drier and more sensitive skin and others get greasier and problems with acne. The skin and body simply change a lot during pregnancy. Therefore, it may be good to review your skin care routine to be able to help the skin during the changes that occur during pregnancy. Keep reading for tips how you can take care of your skin during pregnancy and what you should avoid.

Take care of your skin during pregnancy with the right products

pregnancy skin care organic baby oil
It is actually the case that most people get drier and thus more sensitive skin during pregnancy. This can mean that you react to products you would not normally react to. Therefore, it is important to choose the right products for your skin to feel good during pregnancy. To avoid irritation and new skin conditions, we recommend that you choose mild and gentle ingredients in the products you choose. Gentle, natural ingredients that help the skin create good skin health.

Tightening skin and stretch marks - moisturize regularly

In order for the baby to have room in the stomach, it grows and in step with it the skin stretches. Other skin areas such as the chest and thighs can also change, which is completely natural. As the skin is stretched, it can also sometimes be experienced as tense, itchy and stretch marks can occur. It is very common and completely natural, you are making room for a new life in your stomach which is absolutely fantastic. If you want to ease the discomfort of itchy and tense skin as well as the appearance of possible stretch marks, we have some tips for you:
- Lubricate the skin regularly with a natural oil. An organic oil with natural ingredients helps the skin to soften and moisturize, and thus the appearance of possible stretch marks can be reduced . The natural ingredients in our spring organic baby oil works together in the different layers of the skin to be able to moisturize, soothe and soften the skin in the best way.
skin care organic baby oil natural skin care pregnancy
- Smear with an oil in both the shower/bath and directly on the skin where a little extra care may be needed. To give an extra boost, you may sometimes need to moisturize a little more than usual, regardless of whether the skin has become drier or oilier. Our organic baby oil is excellent for use in the shower and directly on the skin without leaving a sticky film on the skin. So lubricate and the skin can maintain elasticity and thus reduce itchy skin and possible stretch marks.
baby oil natural ingredients organic perfume free

To avoid in skin care during pregnancy

As previously mentioned, the skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy and therefore you should be extra careful with:
- The sun's rays! When it comes to extra protection from the sun, it is to prevent sun damage and pigmentation that can occur when the skin is exposed to the sun while pregnant. We recommend using one daily high SPF (SPF 50) to reduce the risk of sun damage. Please choose shade if possible.
- Vitamin A/Retinol . Pregnant women should not take in too much vitamin A and therefore it is recommended not to use retinol, which is also a so-called active form of vitamin A, during pregnancy.
- Strong acids in skin care products. Avoid further irritation and problems by eliminating stronger acids from your skin care routine when you are pregnant.