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Dermatologically tested skin care

dermatologiskt testad hudvård

Taking care of our skin is a crucial part for good skin health but also for our well-being. Our skin, which is our largest organ, acts as a barrier against external factors and helps keep our insides protected. To maintain healthy skin and good skin health, it is important to choose skin care products that are safe, effective and gentle. One way to ensure this is by choosing dermatologically tested skin care. Read on to explore what dermatologically tested skin care means, its benefits, and why it's especially important for baby and children's skin care products.

What does dermatologically tested skin care mean?
Dermatologically tested skin care means that the products have undergone tests and evaluations under the supervision of a dermatologist/dermatologist. The purpose of these tests is to assess how the product interacts with the skin and to identify any potential allergens, irritants or harmful bacteria. By testing the products on humans, one can assess their safety, effectiveness and overall skin tolerance.

The various tests used to assess dermatologically tested skin care include patch testing and microbiological testing. Patch testing involves applying a small amount of product to a limited area of ​​skin over a period of time to evaluate whether any adverse reactions such as redness, irritation or rash occur. This type of testing is particularly important to identify potential allergens and irritants in the products. Microbiological tests are carried out to ensure that the products are free of harmful bacteria or micro-organisms and that they meet strict hygiene standards.

The benefits of dermatologically tested skin care:

1. Safety for sensitive skin: Dermatologically tested products are designed to be gentle and gentle on sensitive skin. ARC Of SWEDEN's skin care products are all dermatologically tested and are specially designed for babies and children's sensitive skin. By having our products undergo dermatological tests, you can ensure that the products do not contain substances that can cause irritation or allergic reactions. This is especially important when it comes to skin care products for babies and children, as their skin is thinner and more sensitive.

2. Effectiveness: Dermatologically tested products are designed to be effective and meet the stated results. By testing the products on people, one can assess their ability to improve the condition of the skin and provide the desired benefits. Our organic shampoo , shower gel , bath foam , baby oil and skin cream are all developed to be gentle but at the same time effective for baby and children's skin care.

3. Reliability: When it comes to skin care, reliability is key. By choosing dermatologically tested skin care, you can be safe in the knowledge that the products have undergone thorough tests and evaluations by experts in dermatology.

4. Reduces the risk of unwanted effects: By using dermatologically tested products, you reduce the risk of possible skin irritations. These products are designed to be gentle and safe to use. They are carefully formulated with ingredients that have been tested to minimize the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions.

By requesting dermatologically tested skin care for babies and children, you ensure that the product does not contain harmful substances. Dermatological skin care strives to combine safety and efficacy with a careful selection of ingredients and testing methods. All ARC Of SWEDEN's skin and hair products are dermatologically tested. In order to create good skin health for your child, it is important that the skin care products used are reliable, effective and gentle just like our products are.