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ARC gåvoset som julklapp med rött snöre bredvid en kotte och grankvist

5 julklappstips 2023 - Julklappar som tar hand om både hud och hår på bästa sätt

  5 Julklappstips 2023: Hud- och hårvård för baby och barn Julen är runt hörnet och det är dag...
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babyolja hudkräm barn

Vård för irriterad barnhud: 5 tips och produkter att använda

Vård för irriterad barnhud: 5 tips och produkter att använda Från nyfödd fram till 6 års ålder ha...
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Barn utomhus

Skin care in the summer - this is how you protect and care for your children's skin in the summer

Summer is a wonderful time when we can enjoy the sun and the heat, but it is also especially ...
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dermatologiskt testad hudvård

Dermatologically tested skin care

What does dermatologically tested skin care mean?
Dermatologically tested means that the product has been tested on humans under the supervision of a dermatologist/dermatologist. First of all, to see how the skin reacts when it comes into contact with the products.
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Skorv hos bebisar och barn - få bukt med skorven och ta hand om ditt barns hud samtidigt

Scabies in babies and children - get rid of scabies and take care of your child's skin at the same time

Scabies is a common condition in babies and toddlers and is also re...
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5 reasons why our baby oil was named the best baby product in 2021

The Organic Beauty Awards jury named our organic baby oil the Best Baby Product 2021. Since its ...
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Huden under graviditet - så tar du hand om huden och vad du bör undvika

The skin during pregnancy - how to take care of the skin and what you should avoid

The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Hormones skyrocket and changes also occur in the skin which can be changed. Some get drier and more sensitive skin and others get greasier and problems with acne. The skin and body simply change a lot during pregnancy. Therefore, it may be good to review your skin care routine to be able to help the skin during the changes that occur during pregnancy.
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Barn i badbalja med badskum

Take care of your child's hair and scalp - when you start washing your child's hair for the first time

Some babies are born with a lot of hair and some with less. The hair on the head at birth is ofte...
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Mamma tar hand om barn

This is how you can care for your baby's skin - care for and keep it soft and baby-like

Do babies and children really need products specifically developed for them? Yes, it actually is! Babies and children have up to 4 times thinner and thus more sensitive skin than adults. Therefore, choosing the right skin care products is important when it comes to caring for your baby's skin.
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Mamma med barn

Dry skin in children

Dry skin in children can often be a recurring problem. How to keep it moisturized and soft during colder seasons? We list some tips to help your child keep their skin soft, hydrated and cared for all winter long.
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Mamma med barn utomhus

The ecological difference

Organic skin care, natural skin care, green and clean skin care. It may be words that are trending but it is also a category that is here to stay. There are some misconceptions and perhaps it is the lack of clear information that makes us actually want to dare to test a new product in this category.
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Kvinna i yogaposition

Yoga with children

We have interviewed Sheila Arnell from About Yoga regarding yoga with children. Sheila Arnell is herself a mother of two and has practiced yoga for a little more than 7 years. In order to increase presence together with one's children and get an increased well-being, yoga can be a good supplement in everyday life.
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Margareta Frohm Nilsson

Interview with a dermatologist

We delve into skin care for babies & children and have interviewed dermatologist Margareta Frohm Nilsson ( Med. Dr. specialist in Dermatology) at Hudläkargruppen . How is the skin structured? How does baby & children's skin differ from adult skin? What does dermatologically tested skin care mean?
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Mamma med barn utomhus

Vegan & Cruelty free skin care

What does vegan skin care mean?
This means that there are no ingredients in the product or in the production that come from animal origin. 
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Yoga kan hjälpa både kropp och hjärna

Yoga can help both body and mind

Maybe you are a new parent or have several children and are trying to find peace in the new chaos. Yoga can be a great tool for this. It can help both body and mind. Yoga often consists of both mental and physical exercises that can help you relax (breathing exercises), strengthen the body and focus on being in the present. Yoga with your baby also creates a nice moment together and may help an anxious baby.
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ARC Of SWEDEN hudvård baby barn

Reduce your waste with sustainable skin care

Reusable coffee mug, glass lunch box or paper straw. There are many options to choose from to go non-disposable and you probably own one of them. But what does it look like when it comes to your skin care?
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